The public organization was registered by the Legal Department of the Moscow Government in May 16, 1991, N 91
Post address: Russia, Moscow, Novocheremushkinskaya ul., d. 8/6, korp. 3, kv. 8
Phone: (095) 126-94-83
The President of the Commitee: Valerie Sh. Semenov

The Public Commitee for the Protection of the Human Rights of the Orphans in the Boardign Schools of Russia was founded in Moscow in 1991. Among the members of the Commitee are teachers, social workers, psychologists, sociologists, pediatricians, alienists and other specialists engaged in protection and treatment of the orphans. Our Commitee is the only one public organization in Russian Federation which really assists the pupils of the orphanages to protect their human rights.

The orphans, the pupils of the boarding-schools are one of the most unprotected categories of the population in Russia. Very often they become the victims of different types of abusement, including physical and psychological tortues, sexual abusement, etc. Moreover rather often these crimes against the orphans commit the directors of the orphanages - the officials who are in charge of the protection of the orphans. Many of them steal humanitarian aid from the West, live in expense of the orphans.

According to the laws of the Russian Federation each pupil who graduates from the orphanage get from the State the free flat for living. Many orphans become the victims of the different type of swindlers which insist them to "sell" their flats, but the orphans usually do not get money from them. Moreover rather often the criminals kill the orphans in order to get their flats. The state officials know about this problem but do not want to solve it bacause sometimes they get money from the criminals.

Our Comitee is the only one organization which is trying to protect the orphans in such cases. The Comitee is purely public organization, we do not get a single penny for our activity from the State. The Comitee does not "suit" the state officials, so sometimes the official workers of our organization become the victims of the directors of the orphanages, the state officials and the prosecutors who are living at the expense of the orphans. Now the organization is struggling against the terror which was arranged by the director of the orphanage N 8 Vadim Menshov and his friends - public prosecutors of the Western Region of Moscow Martemianov and Shmunensky agaist the vice-president of the Commitee, Dr. of Sociology Victor Protasoff, the teacher Galina Antimonova and their adopted son the orphan Dennis Borisoff.

Besides that there are a lot of other cases of the brutal violation of the human rights of the pupils of the orphanages and the people, who try to protect them. We are trying to help everybody. As non-governmental organization we do not have financial resources. We appreciate any sort of assistance - moral, financial. We are interested in contacts with the public or govermental organizations engaged in protection of the human rights of the orphans.

With best regards,
The President of the Comitee
Valerie Sh. Semenov